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NZ Home Buyers Guide
Here we look at the types of ownership and what to look for when buying your first home.

Guide to applying for a NZ home loan
This 5 step guide outlines what you will need to prepare and what we will do to assist you with your mortgage application.

NZ Mortgage Repayment Calculator
Calculate your monthly or fortnightly repayments with this mortgage repayment calculator.

Want to buy NZ Property but live Overseas?
At Approved we have many off-shore clients - Expatriate Kiwis and people looking to emigrate or invest in New Zealand.

NZ Bank Fees
Here we look at the various fees associated with mortgage finance.

The Legal Process
See how the legal process works when purchasing a property

Are you Protected?
Approved's Insurance Guide

  Economic Updates
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Saving & Investing
  After being mortgage brokers for many years it becomes apparent that it does not matter what your income is?it's what you do with your income that really counts. Full story...

Why buy NZ Rental Property?
Here we look at the advantages of investing in New Zealand rental property and why the current demand is so high.

Why Have an LAQC as your Investment Vehicle?
If you are investing in rental property in New Zealand you may benefit by setting up a Loss Attributing Qualifying Company.


Free Service 
Why is our New Zealand mortgage broker service free to you?

Our service is completely free because the banks pay us a fee - a good analogy is that of a travel agent - when you see a travel agent you don't pay the travel agent because the travel agent is paid by the airline. Mortgage Broking is likewise a win-win situation. For you - as we do the leg-work! For the banks and lenders - they don't have to pay for cars, salaries, premises and all our other expenses - they simply pay us a fee.

Benefits  What do we offer our NZ home loan clients?

An Approved Mortgage Broker has expertise on a wide range of mortgage options. We can offer you advice on all aspects of your home loan, including interest rates, fees, bank requirements and any special deals that may be available at the time - and we LOVE rental property as a means to creating wealth!

In 1991 only 1% of mortgages were placed through mortgage brokers. In 1996, the figure was more than 7%. This has now risen to 40%. New Zealand is following hot on the heals of an international trend towards use of mortgage brokers. In Australia for example, the figure is around 50% while in the US almost 90% of mortgages are arranged through Mortgage Brokers.

Lawrence Diack of Approved Mortgage Brokers, explains the appeal. 'We provide borrowers with free, independent advice on where to get the best and most suitable borrowing solutions for individual needs. We can offer mortgages from many of the standard retail banks, plus 'niche' lenders such as NZF Homeloans, Sovereign and Liberty to name a few. We offer a wide choice of lenders, provide personal service, and aim to get a mortgage solution that meets your particular needs. A large portion of our business comes via referrals from satisfied clients.

who we are   Who is Approved Mortgage Brokers?

Approved Mortgage Brokers was founded in 1996 by Lawrence Diack and Karl Baker, who recognised a growing need in the market from the fact that banks were offering more products, while closing branches and reducing staff. They could see people still needed advice on financing and arranging a purchase of their home or rental property, yet there was a wider and more complex range of mortgage products to choose from. Mortgage Broking was an excellent means of providing choice and advice to borrowers and an additional channel for banks to be able to lend money through.

Approved has written over half a billion worth of mortgages so far. One of the tools that Approved Brokers use to assist in analysing a persons needs against the huge range of lenders and products available is the lending analysis software package. This software provides loan analysis and recommendation information based on the needs of the client. It will then rank possible lenders by cost and suitability. "This software combined with trained and professional Approved Mortgage Broker personnel will help our clients find a proper financing solution that meets their particular needs" said General Manager, Training and Development, Lawrence Diack.

Using an Approved Mortgage Broker is free to you. There are no additional charges from the lender to you for using a broker. Meet the team...

Benefits  How will we help you arrange a New Zealand mortgage?

We will take you through the purchasing process, helping to arrange your mortgage with the lending institution that offers you the best rates and conditions; whether you are buying your first home or investing in rental property.

While the service is free for you, banks pay a commission to Approved - this in no way affects the loan you receive from the banking institution, you certainly won't be able to get a better deal by going directly to a bank but you could save even more money by coming to Approved Mortgage Brokers because of the economies of scale that are gained by generating large mortgage volumes. See our 5 step guide to arranging a home loan

pre approval  How do you apply for a NZ home loan?

Pre approval allows you the freedom to shop around even before you have found a home you like, and identify how much you can borrow and from which bank. You may be just starting out or looking to purchase at auction, or perhaps an apartment in the city or a rural property. Can you use your current home as equity? How much do you need for a deposit? Fill out our questionaire and an Approved Mortgage Broker will contact you within 48 hours with a confidential appraisal. Apply using our online questionnaire...

international enquiries  Are you a NZ property investor living abroad or an overseas investor wishing to purchase NZ property?

If you are a kiwi living abroad, an overseas investor, or you are looking to emigrate to New Zealand we can help with arranging a mortgage for you from wherever you are in the world. Whether you are looking to purchase a home to move into when you arrive here, looking to invest in rental property, or just after a slice of kiwi heaven, fill out our brief questionnaire and we will email you back within 48 hours or less. International Enquiries

Click here for our contact page or call us on 0800 327 956

"Thank you for arranging finance on the block of land in Nelson. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in obtaining a mortgage on this property. You have given very good service and we appreciate your efforts in this matter." - Kathryn H., London

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