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what we do what to prepare bank fees interest rates the legal process the legal process

The legal process involved with your NZ mortgage application

The legal process is a complicated part of the mortgage process. While you only need to meet the lender's requirements and sign the documents, it is worthwhile understanding exactly what is happening 'behind the scenes'.

Key Legal Stages

There are five key legal stages in the mortgage process:




Mortgage finance approved (ideally before offer made)


Sale and purchase agreement:






Buyer makes offer.



Buyer and seller agree on the following:

  • Property to be bought/sold
  • Price
  • Finance date (when finance must be approved by)
  • Settlement date (when ownership changes)
  • Conditions


Sale and purchase agreement sent to the buyer and seller's individual solicitors (includes the information in Step 2).


Finance date:

  • All conditions must be met or the finance date is extended.
  • Mortgage finance must be confirmed.
  • Offer now considered 'unconditional'.
  • Buyer pays deposit to seller


Sign mortgage documentation:

  • Loan documents sent from lender to solicitor
  • You sign loan documents with solicitor


Settlement date (Conveyancing):

  • Title (ownership) passes from seller to buyer.
  • New owner must now insure property.

Property Inspection

Approved Mortgage Brokers advises inspecting the property prior to settlement to ensure no damage has occurred to the property or chattels.

In Summary

It is our job to do the leg-work in arranging the best mortgage option for you; to find the best interest rates and lowest fees, taking the stress out of buying a home. Whether you are buying your first home or investing in rental property please contact us through our no obligation online questionaire.

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